1 Week ‘Til Christmas Eve Checklist

Only 7 days until Christmas and while we all can’t wait for the day there is still so much to get done! Especially, if you’re hosting the Christmas for the family at your home this year. From cleaning up the house, setting up decoratons and getting all those delicious entrees cooked to perfection, getting everything ready can be overwhelming. Well, we are here to help! The steps below will give you plan of necessary task that most of us need to get done to ensure a clean and festive home come Christmas!

One Week Before

  • Deep clean your house: We stress the cleanliness of the home all the time and when it comes to festivities the time could not be more important. Not to mention, you’ll enjoy those decorations even more if the house has been throughly cleaned and is tidy and organized. Out of the tasks however the most important one: Clear out your refrigerator. Toss old leftovers to make room for big dishes and ingredients that’ll be piling up closer to the holiday.
  • Call Sunshine Chem-Dry (786) 339-9168 ASAP to get any Furniture, Rugs and/or Carpets Professionally Cleaned: Don’t scare away your family members with furniture that looks like it’s been living outside for years! Or carpet or rug that is starting to produce an unpleasant odor. Blow your guests away with a healthy, fully cleaned home. Plus, our methods only take 1-2 hrs to dry rather than 1-2 days like conventional cleaning methods. We’ll be in and out in no time so you can get back to preparing for the festivities. Don’t forget to utilize our current cleaning specials to save you bucks that you can put towards gifts.


  • Make sure all decorations you want are placed where you want them.
  • Polish any china that you will be using for the feast.
  • Finish any last minute shopping. The stores will be crowded with last minute shoppers the closer you get to Christmas.
  • Get holiday outfits. Want to save some money? Try going to the local thrift stores. People donate Christmas sweaters, dresses, and other Christmas clothing all the time.
  • Double check attendance for anybody that hasn’t RSVP’d yet.

Three Days Before

  • Grocery Shopping for Fresh Ingredients.
  • Hit the store for the last-minute vegetables or fruit you need for meals.
  • Set the table.
  • So you use those Crystal Goblets only once a year? Enjoy them! Go ahead and get the dinner table ready. It’ll only make your life easier on the big day by putting a sticky note on each platter that states what dish you plan to serve on it. (That also allows people to help you without asking 12 times.)

Two Days Before

  • Start cooking.
  • You’ve probably socked away some things in the freezer already, but now’s the time to prep main courses and make anything that can sit for a couple of days.
  • Buy fresh flowers, or live plant decorations. Using fake plant decorations will also save you a trip to the flower store if you want to save even more time. Whether they are for a party or a family meal, fresh flowers should always be purchased two days in advance. Blooms have time to open up, and they’ll still be lush and fragrant. How peaceful and wonderful the dining room will be smelling with that Holiday Bouquet.
  • Finish up any last minute wrapping. It’s only going to get busier from here so you don’t want to forget to give that present you got a family member in a plastic bag (we’ve all done it).

The Day Before

  • Recharge the batteries on your camera or video recorder. You don’t want to miss the reaction on a little one’s face because the battery ran out during the school pageant the week before.
  • And assemble toys that will be surprises from Santa.
  • Finish cooking, and make a timeline for the next day.
  • Decide when you’ll be feasting, then count backward to determine when to put the turkey (or ham or roast beef) in the oven and what else needs to be cooked.

Don’t Forget to Sit back and relax.
It’s all worth it when your home is exactly how you wanted it for the Christmas celebration. Enjoy your family and friends and relish the traditions you share. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

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